Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Welcome! Art Journey - 2014


Christine Quimby Art…world…

Saturday's Inkspot and Sunday's Sunlight

here's to my new art adventure… and I am positively going to enjoy the journey!
I am an inspiring artist ...painting, writing, collaging, undoing, redoing, and making it better…
so many possibilities...
I fed the birds yesterday and good thing as it is snowing like crazy right now.  I am organizing my art space and making way for new art for 2014!  I am inspired by Tamara LaPorte over at willowing.ning.org….she is terrific!  I just watched a three part vimeo on 'Summer Girls' and hope to start my summer girl today….even though it's crazy snowing outside.  

My other heroine is Kelly Rae Roberts…wow!  she is sunlight in the park! 

dear quiet
Kelly Rae Roberts, artist

 I am reading her ebook on making your ebusiness thrive.  Her first advice is to start blogging…so here I am!  I am so busy with teaching third grade that I always move my passion to the back shelf.  My New Year's resolution is to make a more even balance between my two passions…teaching and making art!  

do what you love & love what you do!

"Live With A Thankful Heart"
Christine Quimby, Artist

Oh, and I also must mention another colorful spirit…SuziBlu.  I have been watching her forever.  I admire her willingness to make each day an art adventure and she shows you the simple extraordinary pleasures in the art  world.  She presently is creating art travel journals.  She is so creative and makes you want to grab those paints and go.

Check out my links to inspiration!  Find some paints and come along for the journey!

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