Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

 When you think of it...time is all we really have; make each year, month, week, day and minute count.  Do the things you love to do.  Share kindness and pay others with your time.  Do something for nothing.  Some think of it as karma.  and it circles back to you.

Singing Songs of What's Ahead!

Move over art world...okay just a I am joining the circle.  I signed up for LifeBook 2014 with Tamara LaPorte.  She has a joyous way about teaching.  I've been interested in making art for some time now and plan on giving more time to my passion.  

I am also new at blogging.  Do all of you really read all this stuff?  I am hopeful to include pages on art, reading, teaching and cooking.  Hope you check back and leave a comment to let me know what you like or dislike?  I am going to have lots of links, pictures, videos ....wonder where it all might lead.  Thanks for reading and don't be shy...check back as it will be a colorful, mindful and nutritious journey.

Happy New Year!  2014

Happy New Year!  2014!

Start your year singing!  and dancing!  This video can be your beginning.
So let's get this blog rocking!

See you in a day or 2....Chris Q.

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