Thursday, January 2, 2014

Making Collage Villages- Step One - The Planning

This is the beginning of my little village I am going to create.  I am starting two villages actually….a 'Christmas village in the snow' and a 'summer village in the sunshine'.  At first, I thought I might build them around the world. I know you have seen them.  I did a sketch of one but tomorrow will be the real surprise.  I am thinking the size will be about 16" x 20" …paint and definitely collage.  All the details will bring in all the fun.

A snowy day tomorrow, so I will probably start with the Christmas village first…build it around a tree… maybe this one…it is part of a greeting card…yet now that I think of it…I made some collage houses for a bulletin board at school that I can use for this…and no school again tomorrow.  So, on second thought I am going to start with the summer village in the sunshine.  The collage houses above are sold so I am going to recreate the many houses I will need.  Well, this is my 'idea' and now I can start imagining it as I get closer to my art table.  That's the fun of creating art and also writing…ideas and plans begin to pop up in your head.  Some ideas work and others don't.  I have had the notion to make some little village paintings for some time now and this seems like a perfect time to start.  

I can envision this in a series….where will this take us…you are invited…check back and I will post the progress.

Materials needed:
water soluble crayons
acrylic paints
mixed media paper
scrapbooking paper
color scheme
mod podge

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